UGC October Meetings.

Thursday, October 22 – HOT UGC monthly meeting.
Time:  4pm.
Location:  At the Four Seasons Creamery on Baylor’s Campus.
Discussion topics:
  • MLK garden site selections,
  • Review of priorities in annual business plan (school gardens, curricululm, neighborhood farm stands),
  • Future projects (outlined by WHRI urban gardening intern Lucas Land).  Possible relationship with Restoration Haven.
Thursday, October 29 – MLK Day activity planning.
When:  4pm.
Location:  Baylor Campus Starbucks.
*** Important that all partners attend who want to have a hand in coordinating educational or food-related events the day of the event!****
Discussion topics:
  • in-kind donation update,
  • day-of educational events,
  • food coordination,
  • what to plant.

Contact Bethel Erickson for more information or questions regarding the upcoming meetings. – 254-799-5611.


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