Entreprenuerial Backyard Gardening.

thinking creatively about business in the backyard:

  • Eden on Earth (Flagstaff, AZ).  For-hire farmers who maintain backyard gardens and install rainwater catchment systems.
  • Backyard Farmer (Richmond, VA).  For-hire farmers  expanding beyond the backyard garden to maintain gardens at restaurants, community organizations, businesses, schools – for the added benefits of fresh cooking ingredients, charitable donations and tax incentives.
  • In Your Yard CSA – Platte Prairie Farms (Kansas City, MO).  Networks backyard gardens for collaborative Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) distribution.
  • Community Roots Farm (Boulder, CO).  Involved in Neighborhood Supported Agriculture, connecting front and backyards and church lawns to neighbors and the Boulder Farmers Market.
  • bk Farmyards (Brooklyn, NY).  Residents pay for organic yard-farming and produce delivered to their doors; others without yards pay for produce cultivated in these farmyards.  And facilitates dinner parties to share food.

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