Eating seasonally and preservation.

While reading through some posts to a community food listserv, I ran across this list of resources simplifying the process of eating seasonally and getting you started in basic food preservation – to tide you over until Foxfire Fridays start up this spring.

So, dig in:

  1. Want to know what’s fresh in your area? Check out this interactive map from Epicurious.
  2. Want to recover the lost art of canning? Here’s some basic info along with a growing list of recipes.
  3. Want to explore other forms of food preservation (like drying or smoking)? Here’s info from the National Center for Home Food Preservation.
  4. Want to find a local farmer to buy from directly? Here’s a site that has a list of local organic farms.
  5. Want to start your own garden? Here’s a starter guide.
  6. Want to keep it organic? Check this out.
  7. One of the best ways to keep your food purchases local is to learn how to cook with what you have. Many websites have a search-by-ingredients feature. (which is one a few sites I visit for recipes) has such a feature here.

Original Source:  The Revolutionary Table (aka living la vida local).


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