Raindate/Snowdate Reschedule for Calvary Groundbreaking.

As it has officially snowed in Waco, Texas (?!),  the Garden Groundbreaking at Calvary Baptist has been rescheduled for next Saturday, February 20th at 10:30am.  Although the day maybe bright and beautiful – as the weather person promises – the probability of soil compaction is mighty high.  And we just don’t want that.

For next Saturday, we need all sorts of volunteers to build garden beds, plant all sorts of vegetables (seeds and transplants) and construct compost bins.  Please bring any tools that you may own and could be of use.

Two more announcements:

  1. In lieu of the Garden Groundbreaking, I invite you to participate in the HOT Master Composters monthly meeting.  Tomorrow at 9am at the World Hunger Relief Farm.
  2. Next Thursday, February 18, is the Urban Gardening Coalition’s monthly meeting.  4pm at the ALICO Building – room 16A.  I’ll send a follow-up reminder next week with complete agenda.  But as a sneak-peak, we’ll be discussing:  MLK Day, Beyond the Backyard training series, the Harvest Celebration, potential partnerships/gardens, Board nominations.  and more.

Enjoy the last patches of snow.


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