February Meeting this Thursday – 2/18!!

It’s time to meet again – hurrah!  We’ll be meeting Thursday, February 18th at 4:00pm in room 16A of the ALICO building!  This month’s agenda is (with some wiggle room for other really important things):


  • Welcome and Introductions.
  • Review of UGC Mission/Vision.  Background on UGC Projects.  Review the our goals and objectives from 2009 – revised with new projects for 2010.
  • Garden Reports/Updates.

Old Business:

  • MLK Day Evaluations.  Bring your thoughts on what went well, what was lacking and how we can improve in 2011.
  • Beyond the BackyardPart 1.  Discussion/reflection on part 1 of UGC’s garden training series.

New Business:

  • Upcoming Partnerships/Projects: Habitat for Humanity.  University Baptist.  Columbus Avenue Baptist.  South Waco.
  • Harvest Celebration.  Starting to think/organize for our June gathering to honor our garden club students and present our 2010 UG scholarship – and promote the summer school lunch program.  Things to ponder:  time and location.
  • Meeting with Mayor.  To establish protocol for access to water for community gardens.
  • Nominating Coalition Board members. (1 president, 1 VP, 1 sect/treasurer, 5 at-large).
  • Financial Report.

Announcements and Upcoming Events.

Then we conclude.  And go our merry little ways.  January’s minutes can be found here.


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