February Meeting.

Thank you to all who were able to attend this month’s meeting. Please read the minutes from the meeting for the full report on what was discussed. Our next meeting will be Thursday, March 18, at 4pm – location TBD. In the meanwhile, please participate in these upcoming events and opportunities – the best place to learn how to grow is in the garden!!!

Upcoming Events:

  • Calvary Baptist Garden Groundbreaking is Saturday, February 20. Starting at 10:30am. We will be building garden beds, planting vegetables, and making compost. All are invited to attend.
  • Beyond the Backyard Training Series continues with Part 2 next Saturday, February 27th. from 9:00am – 12:00pm. To sign up, contact Bethel.
  • MHMR Garden Groundbreaking is Thursday, March 11. Starting at 11:00am. At the location 4th and Mary. MHMR recently received a grant from the ALCOA Foundation to build a number of garden beds.
  • Baylor is hosting a Latino Student Conference for High School and College age students on Good Friday – April 2. They have about 4000 students that want to volunteer from 1-5pm. If you are interested in hosting volunteers at your garden or another project, e-mail Marianne Magjuka at marianne_magjuka@baylor.edu

Other Announcements:

  • Jes Nuanez is looking for wine barrels to use for container gardens. Please contact her if you have information/resources.
  • Rick Allen has an abundance of bamboo – good for trellising or poles in the garden. Please contact him if interested.
  • The South Waco Library, 18th Street Clinic, and Waco Arts Initiative at South Terrace all have folks interested in providing programming for a garden in South Waco. However, we are seeking folks interested in growing the garden. Contact Bethel if you know someone from the area who would be interested in leading a gardening project in South Waco.
  • A good read for the weekend: an article called How to Start a People’s Garden in Your Community sent to me from Coalition member Maggie Forbes – about gardens starting at USDA offices across the country.

Full minutes from February’s meeting can be found on our Monthly Meetings page.


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