Austin: Winter Series of Talks #6

Winter Series of Talks #6

Local Food, Distribution, Sales/Marketing

7:00 PM, Thursday, February 25

Habitat Suites, 500 E. Highland Mall Blvd.


Marla Camp, Edible Austin

Elizabeth Winslow, Farm House Deliver

Andrew Smiley, Sustainable Food Center

Dorsey Barger, East Side Café and Haus Bar Farm

Andrew on Farmers’ Markets, Farm to Table/School; Elizabeth on the newer phenomenon of Farm Delivery Services with their benefits to the Farmer, the consumer, to local business development, and to reducing transport; and, Dorsey with the exciting story of the East Side Cafe and their commitment to local, seasonal food and gardening.

The objective of the Winter Series of Talks, now in its 5th (or so) season is to give our current Permaculture Design students, PC Grads, Citizen Gardeners, friends, family, neighbors, and the public at large a chance to see/hear about a wider swing of Permaculture and a bit more depth on specific subjects than we can afford time-wise in the regular classes. So, the audience will be from beginner to expert, Permaculture devotee to never-heard-of-it, but all are usually in-tune with the principles of doing a better job with the environment and helping Nature with the challenges she and we face.

Jessica Guffey

Grow Local Program Coordinator

Sustainable Food Center

1106 Clayton Lane, Ste. 480W

Austin, TX 78723

Ph: 512.236.0074 x 105

Fax: 512.236.0098

Sustainable Food Center cultivates a healthy community by strengthening the local food system and improving access to nutritious, affordable food.


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