Yes to Carrots Garden Challenge.

deadline:  May 20, 2010.

award:  One winning school will be selected as the Yes To Carrots Garden Challenge winner, and will receive (a) a Yes To Carrots Seed Fund Grant in the amount of $5,000 (b) a one-year gift of gardening supplies from the Kellogg Foundation (c) a dedicated message and gift from personalized ‘Garden Ambassador’ Emmanuelle Chriqui

eligible projects: This contest is open to public schools in the United States that teach Kindergarten through 8th grade students (or any subset of these). The school must have a demonstrated commitment to school gardening, and have an individual who is the project champion or lead. We will consider schools who want to build a new school garden, as well as schools who want to revamp an existing school garden.


2 thoughts on “Yes to Carrots Garden Challenge.

  1. I am writing on behalf of the Columbus School in Medford, MA. Our school is in an urban area, we have a garden club for our students (K-5) that includes raised beds for vegetables, flowers and we are working on developing a compost system. We are looking to improve our program and replace our tools and tool shed, which unfortunately were stolen over the winter. We would love to have more information on how to apply for this grant.
    Thank you for your consideration,
    Emily Graves

  2. Hello Folks! I am so thankful for the opportunity to get our kids engaged in growing their own food. I am the school food service manager at Timberlin Creek Elementary and I have been talking with a few Teachers about getting a project like this started. My passion for feeding kids with whole fruits , vegetables and salads has been on-going! I always felt that if I can get the kids to grow the food, they would eat it. Since FNS industry is so restrictive in funding for kids, I already have made strides in keeping “junk-food out, but there is always room for improvement and the garden is the ticket! I am a culinary graduate on a mission, to help kids eat right! I am thrilled to see that more people are taking the initiative to help kids eat better in this fast paced world where we need to “slow-down” and grow a tomato! This is what our Teachers want to teach and this is what I want to serve! I also want to incorporate the kids to learn how to cook and prepare the delicious food we grow in an after school “culinary class”. We are setting goals high here, that is because we continue to strive for excellence when it comes to our students! Thanks for giving kids a chance!

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