History of Urban Agriculture Presentation – 4/22.

Lucas Land – Urban Gardening Intern at the World Hunger Relief Farm – will be presenting on the history of Urban Agriculture in Waco and around the country, this coming Thursday, April 22 at the World Hunger Relief Farm, 2-4pm.

Class Outline (for notes on the class – view Urban Ag Notes):

  1. Reality of urbanization
    1. Current Statistics
    2. Projections for the Future
  2. What is urban agriculture?
    1. Definitions
    2. History of Urban Agriculture
      1. Potato Patches (1890-1930)
      2. City Beautiful Movement (1890-1910)
      3. World War I: Liberty Gardens (1917-1919)
      4. Depression relief gardens (1930-1938)
      5. World War II: Victory Gardens (1940-1945)
      6. Community Garden Movement (1970-present)
    3. History of Urban Gardening in Waco and WHRI
      1. WHRI involvement
    4. Intern Case Studies
      1. John Garland IDEA Academy
      2. Jon West
      3. Susan Trainor
  3. How Do We Feed Cities?
    1. What do cities consume?
    2. What do cities waste?
    3. Urban Farming in Havana, Cuba
  4. Urban Agriculture Techniques
    1. Limitations
      1. Water access and rights
      2. Land access
      3. City ordinances
      4. Competition
    2. Possibilities
      1. Peri-urban agriculture
      2. Rooftop gardens
      3. Container gardens
      4. Beekeeping
      5. Livestock
      6. Vertical farming
      7. School gardens
      8. Tiered Gardens
      9. Yard-sharing
      10. Square foot gardening
      11. Bioremediation
    1. Cities: Part of the Problem or Part of the Solution?
      1. How does this apply to what we do at the farm?
      2. How does this apply to missions and development?



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