MCHC Summer Feeding Program.

Want to help with the Summer Feeding Program?

Then eat some Pizza. In fact, when you get some Pizza to eat, feel free to share it with your friends and loved ones. They won’t mind. Everyone likes to have some Pizza every now and then. It’s one of America’s favorite meals!

How does this help the Summer Feeding Program?

Funds collected from a fund-raiser the McLennan County Hunger Coalition is running with the Baylor location Pizza Hut this April month will go towards supporting the summer feeding program. For every order at the Baylor location Pizza Hut on Thursdays in April 20% is donated to the coalition when you present a flier to either the delivery-man or when picking up in store!

Where can I get the flier to help support the summer feeding program?Ā  Right here:Ā  MCHC Pizza Fundraiser Flier – print it out and present it. You can order any way you like, anything you want, all throughout the day.

The third week of fund-raising begins tomorrow! Only two more fund-raising dates are left! Help to make it a success by ordering some food for yourself, and thereby pass along some food to others with your contribution! All it takes is a minute, a little hunger, and the passion to help.

… and we need all the help you can give. Please pass this along to others who may be interested in supporting this good cause.

With Kind Regards,


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