Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution.

If you haven’t heard, there’s a new television show exploring the realities of the food served on school campuses across the country – Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution.  Read Jamie’s Platform for Change – including statistics on obesity rates in school-age children, government policies and find out what you can do.

CNN recently published a Time article called A Revolution In School Lunches– about the overall struggle to provide healthy lunches to schoolchildren within budget and to the liking of schoolchildren.

my manifesto

Jamie Oliver’s manifesto

Local and national government need to come up with a ten-year strategy and some real money to re-educate people about proper eating habits. This is what I think needs to happen now:

1. In schools: make cooking and life skills classes compulsory for all kids so they learn about food and good eating habits while they’re young.

2. For teachers: recruit and train new cookery teachers, otherwise the new right that kids have to cookery lessons just isn’t going to happen.

3. For heads: empower heads to make every school a junk food free zone.

4. For parents: educate parents and help them to understand the basics of family cooking and responsible nutrition.

5. For dinner ladies: invest in dinner ladies with proper training and enough paid hours to cook their food with fresh ingredients.

6. Commit to a ten-year strategic plan and fund a long-term public campaign to get people back on to a proper diet and empower/persuade (and possibly scare, if needed) the public to make better choices. With obesity costing the NHS more than smoking, it seems logical that a similar campaign should be appropriate.

Download the full manifesto here.


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