Urban Goatkeeping.

Wondering how to make your urban homestead complete?  Thought about raising your own dairy animals in the city?  Meet the GOAT JUSTICE LEAGUE:

This website aims to explain how I go about raising dairy goats in the city. I keep chickens, bees, and a big vegetable garden too, but there are lots of websites on how to do those things, so here I will focus on urban dairy goats. I will also focus on how to raise dairy goats in a way that is sustainable.

TWO GOAT MINIMUM: Don’t even consider getting just one goat. It will be miserable and act out in only ways that a goat could imagine.

There is a lot to know to raise healthy goats. This is meant as just a very basic outline on raising a dairy goat. To learn more about dairy goats, read, read, read, and talk to goat breeders.

Brownie cleans up her new kids, Rosie Fluffy Socks and Phyllis Schulman. Brownie was an extremely fine mother. Her kids have since moved on and she is giving 11 cups of sweet milk a day!


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