WHRI’s Urban Gardening Community Assessment.

Join us on May 27, for UGC’s monthly meeting to learn more about World Hunger Relief’s urban gardening community assessment.  The meeting will be May 27, 4pm at the World Hunger Relief Farm.  A link to the summary of this year’s assessment can be found here:  Urban Gardening Assessment Summary.

Hello friends of WHRI,

This spring we conducted an assessment of our urban gardening program at World Hunger Relief. You or someone from your organization participated in the assessment in some way. We wanted to share the results of the assessment and the urban gardening program’s plans moving forward. We would appreciate any more feedback or thoughts about our work in the community.

We have also done assessments in the past of south and east Waco. We want to make those reports available as well for anyone who might find the information helpful for their work in Waco. Please email me if you would like the South and/or East Waco Assessments.

Thanks for your participation and all you do help improve our Waco community!

Lucas Land
World Hunger Relief, Inc.
Urban Gardening Intern


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