Shared Earth.

In an effort to help support local agriculture producers and provide access to nutritious foods, Shared Earth connects landowners with gardeners and farmers for a truly organic experience.

farmers market 1

Here’s how it works:

Landowners share their land with someone they trust and receive a portion of the fruits, vegetables or flowers grown on their land.

  • Gardeners and farmers get free access to land and, in return, share some of the produce with the landowner while keeping the rest.

Landowners make more efficient use of their land. Gardeners and farmers gain more access to land.

The concept is built on the premise that we can create a greener, more organic and efficient world – one garden at a time.

For more information, visit Shared Earth.


One thought on “Shared Earth.

  1. I love the shared earth concept. In fact, I’m working out some irrigation issues right now and once that’s done, you may have given me a good idea.

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