Heaven on Earth Agrarian Tour.

An Agrarian Road Trip to the U.S. Social Forum

June 13–26, 2010

Graphic: The Heaven on Earth road trip to the U.S. Social Forum logo.Heaven on Earth is a road trip to the U.S. Social Forum organized by the Presbyterian Hunger Program. We will travel through several states making stops along the way to visit local food and food justice projects. The trip will celebrate the decentralized, grassroots sustainable food and agricultural revolution that is sprouting up everywhere.

We will have fellowship, events and performances, along with the visits to food justice projects, visits with the hope of bringing together church people and community people to share what they are doing with each other and with us, and us with them. We will commune, eat well, be encouraged and encourage those building and rebuilding a just and green agrarian renaissance. We will be posting, reporting, videotaping and songwriting along the way to make it a distance learning experience for Presbyterians and others all over the country!

We’ll hop in a couple of biodiesel or electric cars and hit the highway and if no fuel-efficient cars are to be found, we’ll buy carbon offsets and visit a dairy farm methane biodigester along the way. We have a network of people and congregations in place that will help find us a place to stay each night.

<!–Check out the Heaven on Earth route and click on the markers for links to some of the stops.–> The trip starts in Louisville, Kentucky, and heads south through Tennessee to North Carolina before turning north through West Virginia and Ohio to Detroit, Michigan.  Follow the route here:  HEART Map.

*** Stay tuned to learn more about the Agrarian Tour first-hand from Bethel Erickson, VISTA and director of HOT Urban Gardening Coalition – as she reports back from farm and food projects on the East Coast – and gleans new ideas for the Coalition back home in Texas.


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