So you want to be a farmer. . .

Resources for the Beginning Farmer

Download 12-page PDF to print or call MOSES to request a hardcopy.

So, you want to start farming! Agriculture can provide many opportunities, and beginning farmers come from a diversity of backgrounds and bring with them a diversity of goals and interests. If you are seriously considering starting up an agricultural business, there are a number of important things to consider and plan for. This factsheet is meant to assist you in thinking about how to specifically define your goals, how to educate yourself, how to market your products, and finance your agricultural venture. The resources and links here will help as you begin your agricultural venture, and if you choose, in the preparation of a business plan that outlines what your goals are and how you will attain them.

Go to the MOSES (Midwest Organic Sustainable and Education Services) to find out more information and read up on more resources for the beginning agrarian.

More great resources are also available from ATTRA on what to know for a Farm Start-Up, such as market gardening, crop rotation, and other good stuff.

And from the Greenhorns, who are doing a documentary on young farmers but also compiling a resource guide for getting into the business of farming.


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