August Meeting and New Project Survey.

Happy Hot August!  It’s time to start planting your fall garden – more tomatoes and squash and melons to come your way if you start your planning for the best growing season in Texas, Fall.  However, this email is about our upcoming Urban Gardening Coalition meeting.  Set your calendars for August 19th – at 6pm.  New time.  Tentatively set for the Central Library in Waco, at 18th and Austin.  After a summer off, it’s time to get together and brainstorm for the coming year.

In the meantime, please answer me this (the brief survey part – to be discussed at the August meeting):

  1. Regarding UGC monthly meetings, I prefer to meet at:    4pm  OR   6pm.
  2. Regarding UGC monthly meetings, I prefer to meet at:    same location each month    OR    different location each month
  3. Suggestions for UGC meeting locations (preferably in a central location):  _______________________________________
  4. Please rank the following projects in order of most exciting new project for UGC to undertake this year (1-most exciting, 5-back burner project):
_____ Downtown Farmers Market:  work with the City and Chamber to establish a farmers market in the downtown business district of Waco.  Target date Spring 2011.
_____ Youth Employment Program:  working with Communities-In-School to train and mentor area high school students in agriculture and teach business skills
_____ Foxfire Fridays:  monthly gatherings of UGC folks and community people to trade skills (like soap-making, canning, rainwater harvesting, chicken-keeping, etc.) and share food and conversation
_____ Monthly Crop Mobs:  UGC garden work day at partner garden (1 garden/month) – opportunity to help partner gardens and meet other Coalition people
_____ Grow-A-Row Project:  work with partner gardens and Baylor Campus Kitchens to distribute garden produce to Waco’s most food-insecure people
5.  Suggestions on other projects for the Coalition:  ___________________________________________________________
Thanks for all your suggestions and comments.  Your input helps influence the direction of growing gardens in Waco!  Email your responses to Bethel at


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