Grist covers Urban Agriculture.

Over the next few weeks and beyond, Grist is undertaking an ambitious goal: to explore the many and varied alternative food systems taking root in major cities around the country, as well as the activists nurturing them. Look for it all under the banner of “Feeding the City.” Take a bite of what we’ve found so far:

They’ll be profiling New Orleans, Baltimore, Detroit, Oakland, Philadelphia, and Seattle. You’ll meet agtivists such as Annie Novak, who’s farming a rooftop in Brooklyn, and an entrepreneur who’s got a wildly ambitious plan for abandoned big-box retail stores in blighted urban neighborhoods. We’ll show you painless ways to compost, even if you live in a studio apartment, and some of the ingenious places that urbanites have found to grow food.

Feeding our cities requires more than urban farming, however. Stephanie Paige Ogburn will look at the thorny issue of “food justice,” or making sure low-income neighborhoods have access to healthy fresh food. Emily Gertz checks out the nouvelle food trucks that are serving up Slow Food-esque fast food to middle-class, but budget-conscious hipsters.