Hoop House Construction Workshop – 9/18.

Sponsored by Feed Texas First will be held at the old Emmons farm in Turlington, TX between Fairfield and Antioch on Saturday, Sep 18, 2010.  During this class we will actually construct and erect the hoophouse and discuss proper site location and uses.
Hoophouses can be used to extend the growing season into the fall and to get an early start on transplants from seed, as well as for livestock shelter and chicken coops.  They can be constructed to be portable or attached to cemented poles with pins to prevent wind damage, and the size can be easily extended as needed.
Date:  Sat. Sept 18th, 2010
Time:  10-4
Location:  Feed Me Farms, 450 E. Highway 84.Fairfield, TX
Cost:  $20
POC:  Trish Percy:  pdpercy@sbcglobal.net www.feedtexasfirst.org
Sandy Bates Bell and Andy Don Emmons:
feedmefarms@gmail.com www.feedmefarms.com


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