Sweet Sorghum Festival at Homestead Heritage – 9/6.

16th Annual Sweet Sorghum Festival

Monday, September 6, 2010 10:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. We invite you to visit our sorghum mill at Brazos de Dios and watch as we make sweet sorghum syrup—from pressing the raw cane with our horse-powered mill to cooking the juice into rich, golden brown syrup.

Over 70 years ago, sorghum syrup was a common sight on the dinner tables of rural Texas. Many farmers grew a small patch of sorghum in their fields. At harvest time, they brought their cane to a neighboring farm that had a mill, and the families worked together pressing cane and cooking syrup.

At Brazos de Dios, our annual sorghum harvest preserves this community tradition. We hand cut the 10- to 14-foot-tall canes and haul them from the various family farms to our sorghum mill. Here, we feed the raw cane through our 85-year-old horse-drawn press. After squeezing the cane, we allow the juice to settle 2-3 hours before channeling it downhill through underground pipes to the sorghum house where we cook it over a wood-fired furnace.

The green juice bubbles and boils its way through the channels of the hot, 12-foot-long copper pan. After the excess water evaporates, the juice reaches the end of the pan as a thick, sweet, golden brown syrup ready for bottling. Be sure to try a sample of this year’s syrup at the sorghum mill or at our restored Homestead Gristmill.


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