StoryCorps in Waco – Tell your Story.

StoryCorps is a national nonprofit oral history project dedicated to celebrating, sharing, and preserving the voices of this country’s people. Since StoryCorps began six years ago, we have recorded and archived over 30,000 interviews. For the past three years, we’ve toured the country in two Airstream trailers outfitted as recording booths (MobileBooths), stopping in various cities to record the stories of a community.
StoryCorps is coming to Waco from November 26-December 18. Jackie Sojico is currently working on outreach for our stop here. StoryCorps believes that everyone has a right to be heard, to listen and to be remembered so we want to ensure equal access to people from all walks of life. At each of our stops we try to make sure we record a collection of stories that represent an accurate portrait of the community we’re in. StoryCorps is interested in working with UGC because the Urban Gardening Coalition works with voices that are often missed in mainstream media.
Community partners are asked to help explain StoryCorps and invite people served by the organization (for example, students participating in your after school gardening programs or people who have been able to access local foods through UGC) to come with a loved one – a friend, family member, mentor, or co-worker – to have a conversation, share stories, or ask each other questions they’ve always wanted to ask.
There is no cost to participate in StoryCorps. All participants go home with a CD copy of their conversation. At the end of the interview we ask if participants would also like to archive a second copy at the Library of Congress to be preserved for future generations. The conversation is primarily for participants to document their own lives in their own voices. People are free to talk about whatever they want.
I’m attaching some information and including a few excerpts we’ve produced for our weekly broadcast on NPR (each about 1 min) below so you can really hear what we do. More can be found online at
Thank you for your time! Please feel free to reach Jackie Sojico at this email  ( or call me at 646-723-7020 ext 43 with any questions. We’re working with other organizations in Waco to book these appointments so please get in touch soon if you would like to partner with us!

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