MLK Planning Meeting #1 Minutes.

HOT Urban Gardening Coalition Meeting

MLK Sub-Committee Meeting

September 23, 2010

Meeting Minutes submitted by Bethel Erickson, UGC VISTA

Location: Service-Learning Office – 1st Floor of the Bill Daniel Student Center. Baylor. 6pm.

    Meeting commenced at 6:02 PM.


Discussion about schedule for 2011 event.

Review of previous events from past years.

  • We want to coordinate with other city events happening the same day – march to MLK Blvd.
  • Need to figure out times of city events – and then schedule time for MLK garden activities.
  • Promote Garden Sites at general city gathering.
  • Keep the gardening activities about 2 hours.
  • Possible start time at 11am/12pm and end by 3pm.

Discussion about activities for the day (other than gardening and art)

  • Work with Restaurant/Chef Association to coordinate outdoor cooking demonstrations – and Chef Jacob Mouser from the Harvest Celebration
  • Host composting demos – in conjunction with Master Composters – travel to numerous sites – make obvious what from lunches can be composted
  • Coordinate with Baylor Sustainability Council to help “green” the events and reduce waste (Trey contact Smith Getterman)
  • Coordinate with City of Waco Recycling Department to provide bins for the day

Discussion of Campus Kitchens grant and what it covers: money for general supplies, printing, seeds and plants, art supplies

Discussion of Art Activity with Waco Arts Initiative

  • Main idea: recycled materials art sculpture
  • Other suggestions: painted murals (for new gardens with mural space), painted paving stones in the garden, earth/trash art (using materials scavenged from near/around the garden site)

Confirmed Garden Sites, so far:

  • Lake Shore Baptist Church
  • Columbus Ave. Community Garden
  • Meyer High School at Rapoport Academy
  • Cottage at Spring Oaks Retirement Home (in partnership with the Public Health District)
  • Hewitt First United Methodist Church

Interested Garden Sites (haven’t submitted site applications):

  • World Hunger Relief Farm
  • Woodway Elementary
  • Calvary Baptist Church
  • University Baptist Church
  • Baylor Campus Garden
  • WHRI Garden Club Schools (Sul Ross, West Ave, Brazos and Tennyson Middle)

Youth Service America Grant

  • Grant due 10/22. If awarded, will grant MLK Day gardens $500 for use towards supplies and materials to improve and expand gardens
  • Bethel needs help reviewing and editing the grant – if you want money for your grant, it is in your interest to help edit the grant (and fill out your site application)

Meeting adjourned at 6:58 pm.


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