Spring Habitat Dig – March 19.

The Gutierrez/de-la-Fuente Family Habitat House and Garden Dig

the Gutierrez/de la Fuente Family.The Gutierrez–de la Fuente family moved into the Habitat for Humanity house they helped build with their own hands a little over a year now.  They are thrilled about the possibility of a having a little vegetable garden in the yard.  Pedro and Teresa are the proud parents of little Pedro, Esmeralda, Linda, Rocio, and Perla.  For many years they lived in a small two-bedroom house lacking adequate space, privacy and insulation.  Their old house’s lack of accessibility features made it difficult to move around for two of their children with special physical needs.  Teresa shrieked with enthusiasm about how she loves to garden and even shows off the few vegetables she’s grown throughout the landscape among the ornamentals.  She’s no stranger to nurturing gardens and edible lawns and looks forward to learning more about gardening and grow more with the help of Waco Habitat for Humanity and the Urban Garden Coalition.

Dig Date: March 19, 2011

Time: 9AM to 12PM

Location: 1129 North 10 Street, Waco, TX 76707

For more information or to volunteer, contact Bethel Erickson – vista@worldhungerrelief.org or 773-494-3613.


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