Foxfire Friday: Herbs.

Upcoming Foxfire Friday:  March 18.  5pm.  Herbs!

Join the Urban Gardening Coalition for another  Foxfire Friday Workshop. Learn how to make herbal salves and tinctures as well as which herbs are good for what and how to grow, harvest and collect them. Led by Elise Voyvodic.

Location:  Hope Fellowship (1721 Sanger Ave.)

Please RSVP your attendance to Bethel Erickson (


One thought on “Foxfire Friday: Herbs.

  1. Parsley-No herb is more basic than parsley. Use it to sosaen soups, stews, casseroles, salads, and potato dishes. Plant several varieties including curled parsley and the flat Italian type, which is much fuller flavored.Rosemary-Aromatic, resinous herb with an astringent, clean scent is delicious in Mediterranean cooking of all types. Clip plant year round for cooking. Basil-Succulant basil is one of the highlights of a summer garden. Genovese is the type most often used for pesto. Thai basils are common to many Asian dishes.

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