Submissions for book – Farm Whispers.

A new book of stories by people who have started or returned to farming is accepting submissions now. The hope for the book is to inspire readers to get involved in the “good food movement” in some way.

Check out the website, which just went live:, forward to your networks, and consider making a submission.

He’s looking for stories from now through June, with hopes to publish this fall.  


Possible topics for stories: 

How we changed

  • Starting out anew
  • Taking a different path
  • Picking up stakes
  • Giving up a high-power career
  • Taking a new look at life
  • Overcoming frustrations
  • Getting older, still farming
  • Fighting the desire to give up
  • Making do, becoming self-sufficient
  • Finding your break
  • Reaching your breaking point
  • Finding your specialty
  • Balancing the farm with other career

How we endured

  • Enduring mud, drought, storm
  • Delighting in the fresh air
  • Coaxing along old farm equipment
  • Dealing with predators and pests
  • Doing things the old way
  • Giving in to the new ways
  • Finding solutions in technology
  • Losing a job to mechanization
  • Learning to use new farm equipment

How we got along

  • Raising a family
  • Struggling, striving, thriving
  • Dealing with other farmers
  • Preserving values and traditions
  • Dealing with city folk
  • Learning from neighbors
  • Learning country ways
  • Surviving hard times
  • Celebrating good times
  • Dealing with Big Agriculture
  • Dealing with bankers
  • Humorous story with a lesson

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