Interested in a Fresh Chicken Co-op?

Farfrumit Farm:  We are a small farm located in Purmela Tx.  We raise chicken the natural way–on pasture and feed them whole grains and legumes.  We are trying to start a chicken co-op where we can deliver fresh chicken and eggs to members either once or twice a month the entire growing season.   We are unable to sell chicken at the farmer’s market due to health inspector’s regulations, but we can have a chicken co-op.  If you think you might be interested, please email us ( and we can send you more information on our farm.

Thank you, John & Stephanie Hamby —Farfrumit Farms


2 thoughts on “Interested in a Fresh Chicken Co-op?

  1. I’d be very interested in possibly joining your co-op. We live in Breckenridge. I’d like to know the pricing on both eggs and chickens.

  2. i would be interested in yur co-op. We live between Cross plains and Rising Star. I woul also like to know about the pricing.

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