Mushrooms kits ready for the Waco Mushroom Collective!

A message from Neil at the World Hunger Relief Farm:
Thanks for your interest in growing mushrooms!!  At our organizational meeting, we decided to start with oyster mushrooms & discussed working together to pasturize and inoculate our first batch.  Turns out Jeff Sharp has already done the hard work for us and the buckets are ready to pick up at WHRI!!
I’ve attached a contract that Jeff wrote up detailing how he’ll work with us.  The 5 gallon buckets will cost us $10 each.  You can pay paypal, check or cash.  If you plan to pay when you pick up this first batch, be sure to e-mail me ( & I’ll reserve you one.  He’s prepared 30 buckets and if they sell out, you’ll make a trip to the Farm for nothing.  Please try to pick up your share by Sunday, June 12.
There will be an instruction sheet when you pick up your bucket explaining how to care for the mushrooms.  Jeff is also available to consult for those of us in the Collective.
Please pass this word on to others you think may be interested.  This first batch is relatively small, but once we know the size of the demand, Jeff can scale up to whatever is needed.
Happy growing!!

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