Join the WHRI Goat’s Milk Subscription.

We have multiple openings for new milk contract customers here on the farm with availability on Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.

About Subscriptions

We price the milk on a 4/5 week basis. For one half gallon a week we charge $19.50 a month. Then two half gallons a week would be $39.00 a month. Subscribers pick up on their reserved day and receive a bill the first week of the month for the previous month.

Why Goats’ Milk?

  • Goats’ milk has been found to help with the digestive and metabolic utilization of minerals such as iron, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium.
  • Goat milk has greater amounts of vitamin A than cow milk. Also, goats convert all carotenes into vitamine A, creating a white type of milk.
  • Cow and goat milk is slightly on the acid side, with a pH range of 6.4-6.7. The principal buffering components of milk are proteins and phosphates. The good buffering capability of goat milk appears to make it ideal for treatment of gastric ulcers.
  • Goat milk is closer to human milk and is therefore easily accepted especially by those young or frail.
  • Goats milk is tolerated by a compromised /damaged liver because of the smaller fat molecules and it’s naturally homogenized.
  • Goats milk has the ability to “sweeten” the intestinal tract and assist with constipation.
  • We milk our goats twice daily in our certified Grade-A Raw Goat Dairy, so you will always get the freshest milk available.
  • Watch our goat milking video to get an inside look at our dairy and milking processes.

For more informatin on our milk subscriptions, contact our Livestock Intern Rebecca via email or call (254) 799-5611.


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