Project for the Summer: Keyhole Garden.

How To Make a Keyhole Garden

Keyhole gardens provide easy access and minimum work. A favorite of permaculturists worldwide, the idea of a keyhole garden is to create a raised, no-dig garden that allows the gardener maximum access to each square inch of soil, without ever having to step on the bed itself.

The British charity Send A Cow, which operates with a similar ethos to Heifer International, is working to combat chronic malnutrition in Lesotho. Because distributing livestock is unviable due to poor soils and problems with erosion, Send A Cow is instead educating school children on how to create “keyhole” gardens.

This video shows how keyhole gardens are built, creating raised-bed, easy access systems that are perfect for novice gardeners and school children using a few rocks, manure, soil and straw. (And, apparently, a few rusty tin cans!) In Lesotho, Africa, these gardens are proving to be a lifeline in the fight against malnutrition.



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