February in the Garden (Zone 8).

Planting potatoes in tires at the St. Luke’s Garden on MLK Day 2012.

Wonderful gardening tips for February in our USDA Hardiness Zone 8 (or more specifically 8a for us Wacoans).  Gleaned from the Organic Gardening website:

  • Apply compost to all your plantings – trees, shrubbery, and throughout your garden beds.  Nourish that soil!
  • Plant those potatoes!  If you’re growing in established beds – plant at least 4 inches deep – and anticipate future mounding.  Otherwise get creative and grow in old tires like St. Luke’s Community Garden is doing (see photo above).
  • Start sowing leaf lettuce, collards and other lovable greens outdoors – repeat seeding every few weeks for continual harvest through the spring season.
  • Prune those rose bushes – or plant some now if you’ve previously lived rose-less lives.
  • Prune fruit trees.
  • Plant flowers – specifically alyssum, hollyhocks, lobelia, larkspurs, and Canterbury bells.

One thought on “February in the Garden (Zone 8).

  1. I thought of using tires to make garden beds a couple years ago but then became pretty concerned about all the chemicals used in producing car tires and if these would leach out into the soil. I don’t know the science behind it or anything but it seems like it could be an issue.

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