Project Manager Position for Bassett Farms Conservancy (Kosse, TX).

Preservation Texas is seeking statements of qualifications for personal services to serve as Project Manager for its Bassett Farms Conservancy, a historic preservation and environmental conservation project.

The Project Manager will coordinate and administer matters related to the start-up phase of Preservation Texas’ ownership of Bassett Farms Conservancy, a 2,100-acre historic property located in Limestone and Falls Counties near Kosse, Texas.

The Project Manager is responsible for managing the preservation, protection, operation and maintenance of the Bassett Farms Conservancy. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, cultural and natural resource stewardship, collections and museum exhibits management, financial management, oversight of farm operations, development of interpretation and educational programs, special events, community outreach, volunteer development and coordination of partnerships.

Visit the PT website to get more details and see the full announcement:

Catherine Sak

Executive Director

Texas Downtown Association

PO Box 546

Austin, TX 78767-0546

512.472.7832 – office

512.472.0740 – fax


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