East Waco Training Farm Update!

Remember those long -ago days when we talked about starting a Training Farm with youth programming during the summer-time on agriculture and business – and then having those youth sell at Market, at neighborhood farm stands, and maybe even to local restaurants?! And then the people (ie Coalition folks) voted on developing the training farm in East Waco. Well, well, well. we’ve come a long, long ways – and have officially signed a lease!!!

Not only has a lease been signed, but we’ve received a generous (VERY GENEROUS) donation to keep our lease for the next five years!!! And received seed funding to provide all the tools and irrigation and pay a Program Coordinator!!! But where is this so-called, soon to be fantabulous East Waco Training Farm?! Two blocks off the Brazos River, behind the old Farmers Market on Dallas street, on 2.5 sandy river-bottom acres. Rejoice! We’ll be sending out updates frequently exciting upcoming events – including a Groundbreaking and our initial work days that will start end of June/beginning of July!!!


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