2012-2013 UGC Workshop Schedule

Soap-making workshop via Waco’s own Wildcraft & Co.

The UGC has been coordinating two workshop series over the past two years: Beyond the Backyard (more-or-less garden-related) and Foxfire Fridays (simple living/urban homesteading). I will continue to hammer out the monthly schedule for these two series – so stay tuned for more details. As of mid-August, here’s what our calendar looks like:

  • August: Edible and Native Landscaping with Edible Lawns (BTB) and Homeopathy 101 (FF)
  • September: Composting 101 with the HOT Master Composters (BTB) and Backyard Chicken Raising with Edible Lawns (FF)
  • October: Hugelkultur, Keyhole Garden, & Rainwater Harvesting Tour (BTB) and Home Cheese-Making (FF)
  • November: Growing for Market (BTB) and Soap Making (FF)
  • December: DIY Potting Soil Mixes and Seed-Starting (BTB) and Knitting/Crocheting (FF)
  • January:  Herbal Salves, Balms, and Tinctures (FF)
  • February:  Bio-Intensive Gardening Part 1 (BTB)
  • March: Bio-Intensive Gardening Part 2 (BTB)
  • April: Bio-Intensive Gardening Part 3 (BTB)
  • May:   Bio-Intensive Gardening Part 4 (BTB)
  • June: Bio-Intensive Gardening Part 5 (BTB)
  • July: Bio-Intensive Gardening Part 6 (BTB)

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