Meet Elizabeth Ross!

Elizabeth Ross – a recent WHRI intern – will be working closely with the Urban Gardening Coalition over the next year!
When I graduated with a degree in International Development, I never thought that would result in working in Texas — though, I suppose working in a state that threatens secession has a certain irony about it. I found myself in another land where people spoke what seemed, at times, to be another language; dressed a little different; and had a lot of love for their beloved state. Thrust into this odd, bear-loving community, I decide there was but one option — embrace it.
I began my adventure at World Hunger Relief, Inc. — learning to farm sustainably, teaching kids how to garden, educating middle school through adult on hunger and poverty issues, using composting toilets on a daily basis, milking goats, making soap, and living life in community. My “farm-ily” was everything I wanted in a community, but I was drawn to live in the city and see the community of Waco grow stronger.
I officially became a Texan, moved into the city and began working with the Urban Gardening Coalition, where I hope to continue the good fight for hunger eradication, food desert shrinkage, food security, education in nutrition and health care through healthy eating habits, environmental protection, and community strength. Gardens bring people together. Food brings people together. What better way to care for your friends and neighbors than to offer them friendship, care, and life-sustaining food? Grab a hat and a water bottle and join me in the garden.


Elizabeth Ross

AHEC AmeriCorps, Healthy Futures Coordinator
Urban Gardening Coalition, Events and Volunteer Coordinator
Baylor University Community Engagement and Service

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