Greenhouse Share Program 2014

Hello garden friends!

As spring is approaching, I imagine you are getting excited about pretty seed packets, beautiful
flats of planted seeds, and absolutely adorable seedlings ready to be planted out in the garden.
But what happens if you don’t have green house space to help those tiny seeds in their journey to becoming hearty plants in the garden?

Fear not! The Urban Gardening Coalition is at your service. Bring your seedlings or seeded trays to us, or arrange for us to pick them up and we will water them, tend to them, and store them in the greenhouse until they are ready to make the transition to the great outdoors!
There will be a nominal fee for this service (let’s be honest, we encourage sustainable practices,
and we want to exemplify that in our own practices). The fees help us purchase fertilizer, pay for
labor hours, and cover other miscellaneous plant care expenses. Please let us know if this fee is
a hardship for your organization or garden – we can exchange volunteer hours for greenhouse

If you are interested in participating in our Greenhouse share program, please email to receive an application form.



Program Details:

– Available to community gardens, church gardens, and school gardens

– Program runs through April 30, 2014

– You plant your seeds in flats or pots, deliver to the UGC, and we (the UGC) will water, fertilize,
and care for your sweet seedlings

– Plants can be added to the greenhouse at any time — if you realize you need to seed more
flats, go for it! We have prices per flat or per greenhouse table, to suit your needs.

– All plants must be picked up or have arranged delivery by the UGC on or before April 30,
2014, after which plants will be donated to school gardens or used by the UGC.

Program Costs:
– Pick Up and Drop off (up to 3 pickups and 3 drop offs at your garden site) $5
– Watering and care:
Seed flats — $2/flat
½ Gallon Pots — $0.50/pot
1 Gallon Pots — $1/pot
– Rent a table in the greenhouse and fill it with as much as you can! (fits roughly 24 flats)
Greenhouse Table (fits roughly 24 flats)– $25/table
½ Greenhouse Table (fits roughly 12 flats) — $15

Labor Exchange:
Want to exchange labor hours for the greenhouse share program? Arrange volunteer service with the
UGC and receive program benefits at no charge!
Volunteer service can include any or all of the following:
– Training Farm preparations: seeding, watering, weeding, etc.
– helping with harvest for the UGC for Farmer’s Market

Happy Gardening!


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