Resources for Landscaping

Some of these resources may be listed in other blog posts or locations. However, I was working on a presentation related to plant selection for Central Texas and thought I would share them again since I already had the list! This is just a starting point.

Something I would like to mention in regards to plant selection- Before you start selecting your plants, consider your strategy and what end result you are working towards. (Edible landscaping, bird habitat, butterfly attracting, creating a personal space, low maintenance plants, etc.)

Ladybird Johnson Wildflower Center- Special Collections

Austin Native Landscaping

Native and Adapted Landscape Plants: An Earthwise Guide for Central Texas

Texas Superstar Plants

Texas Superstar Plants Brochure

Earth-Kind Landscaping

Introduction to Permaculture: Concepts & Resources

Central Texas Gardener – Click on Plant Selection for specific lists



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