Get Involved

There are many ways you can help the UGC grow more gardens and provide more gardening education and support  in the community!  Visit our Projects page for more details about our programming.

Become a Member

Visit our Membership page for more info.  Take a look at Membership Benefits  Fill out the Membership Application. Pay your dues here.


The UGC is a 501(c)3 charitable nonprofit, so gifts are tax deductible. You can give in the following ways:

  • Through our online payment portal.  You can give once or even set up a recurring gift to happen as often as you like!  Contact us at if you have any questions.
  • By mail: P.O. Box 2353 Waco, TX 76703.
  • In person: Visit the UGC Co-op Booth at the Waco Downtown Farmers Market or join us at our Monthly Meeting (check the UGC Calendar of Events here to find out when we’ll be meeting next).

Give Time

If you would like to donate your time and expertise (much more valuable than money), contact the UGC at to find out how you can become more involved.  Also, check out these specific volunteer opportunities!  We will help connect you with projects going on in your community!

In-Kind Gifts

If you would like to donate an in-kind gift (soil, seeds, plants, supplies of another type etc.), please contact the UGC at  For a specific list of UGC ideal items, click here.


The UGC is an incorporated nonprofit in the state of Texas and a 501(c)3 charitable nonprofit for federal tax purposes.  Our EIN is 27-1823243.  

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