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kaley flowers 01$100K USDA grant fuels Waco Downtown Farmers Market, local food efforts – Waco Tribune Herald, 10/12/15

Gardening Club for Kids Aims to Raise Awareness of Environmental Effects -Waco Tribune Herald, 4/14/2014

Bethel Erickson-Bruce, Board of Contributors: As we start fall, veggies return to Waco Downtown Farmers Market – Waco Tribune Herald, 9/28/2013

Editorial:  Waco Schools Teach Garden, Business Skills by Selling Greens at Market – Waco Tribune Herald, 2/13/2013

Waco Students Grow their own Produce, Sell at Farmers Market – Waco Tribune Herald, 2/11/2013

Save Water, Plants with Drip Irrigation – Waco Tribune Herald, 2/3/2013

Groups want MLK Holiday to Spur Year-Round Volunteerism – Waco Tribune Herald, 1/22/2013

Gardening from the Back Seat:  Waco’s Gardener Extraordinaire – Waco Tribune Herald, 10/14/2012

Urban Training Farm Groundbreaking – Waco NPR

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