Get your Local Veggies!

Hello everyone!

We are busy with all kinds of gardening outreach, but wanted to take a minute to let you know a couple of updates about local Waco Markets.

First of all, we are sure you know, but just in case… the WDFM has temporarily moved! It looks like for the next year or so, the site of the market will remain across from the Courthouse off Washington Ave. (500 Washington Ave.).  The Waco Downtown Farmer’s Market is open year round on Saturdays from 9AM to 1PM. If you see us, stop by our booth and say “Hello!”. HOT UGC is not at every market, and sometimes our booth is utilized to showcase other gardens in the community.


The link to the WDFM is: Be sure to scroll down to see what’s expected at the market each month!

Another place to find local veggies these days is at Baylor Scott & White Hillcrest Medical Center (100 Hillcrest Medical Blvd-Waco, TX 76712). This market is currently open on Wednesday mornings from 9ish to noonish. I hesitate to commit to times here because there are currently only a couple of vendors who have been consistent and there is no guarantee when farming/growing! However, if you find yourself in the area, make sure you stop by and get some local goodness!


If anyone has information about other markets in our community please let me know and I will share that information as well. Please send to ATTN: Waco area Market Information

Purchasing and Planting live Christmas Trees

From “What to do in December” on Natural Gardener’s website:

Consider purchasing a live Christmas tree for the holidays. Arizona Cypress, Aleppo, and Italian Stone pines can often be found this time of year. A trick for watering these trees indoors is to place ice cubes on top of the soil, making sure there is a sturdy saucer underneath the pot. Avoid keeping these trees indoors for any longer than two weeks. To allow the tree to adjust to the abrupt change in lighting when moving outside, place the tree in shade first for about a week, then move gradually to more and more sun. Finally, plant your tree outside in a sunny area with very good drainage. Pamper it when planting by using bone meal or rock phosphate in the hole, and by following the regular watering with some seaweed solution for the first few months.


UGC Garden Beds at Calvary Baptist Community Garden

As of Friday Dec 2, 2016 the UGC garden has been prepared and planted!  Albeit about 3 months late, but planted nonetheless.
Big thanks to Ashley Stevens who helped dig out thousands of weeds from the overrun plots.  Katie came out and helped fight a mighty battle against Johnson grass on a Saturday workday.  Amy, a Calvary Baptist Church member, helped dig out weeds on several occasions.
Plot 1 – Avalanche Beets – direct seeded 2 rows.  They are up about 2 inches. Really late planting.  Do they need freeze protection?
Plot 2 – Carrots – direct seeded 3 rows – Today I see that they are peeking through.  Do really young carrots need freeze protection?
Plot 3 – Transplanted 4 rows of Georgia collards.  They should be ok at 25 deg.
Plot 4 – Swiss Chard – direct seeded 3 rows.  They are still busy thinking about germinating.
Plot 5 – Transplanted 105 onions (10-15s).  Need to protect them or 3 months from now they will bolt.
Plot 6 – Green Star Leaf Lettuce – direct seeded 1 row.  They are up about 2 inches.  Do they need freeze protection?
What now?
We shift our focus to protection (TLC).  Immediate problem is determining which plants need help making it through the Wednesday night forecast of 25 deg.
Then the TLC that the little plants need is weeding.  In the plots as well as along the outside edges to discourage weeds from sneaking through the boards.
For those folks who did not get a chance to help dig out Johnson grass and Bermuda grass, now is the perfect time to help keep the enemy away from the little plants.  The art of hoeing will be taught at no charge.
See you in the garden!
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Hello everyone! I am attempting to work on our web presence and see what I have access to and what I still need access to. In the mean time please check us out on Facebook at HOT Urban Gardening Coalition and on Instagram at hotugc.

Our email address is so please contact us with any questions and especially if you want to get started gardening!

Upcoming events:


Saturday 29th 10:30 am at the South Waco Library (18th street)

Come join us for the reading of Farmer Will Allen and the Growing Table, a One Book One Waco event. HOT Urban Gardening Coalition will be there along with some Master Gardeners with garden activities and useful information. It’s not just for kids! We plan to be there at least until noon.

Sunday 30th 4-6pm at Austin Avenue UMC Community Event: We will have a table at the fall festival where kids (or adults) can make art with nature!


Friday 11th Starting at 5pm Night Market at the Waco Downtown Farmers Market: HOT UGC will have a booth with nature art and other goodies, come join us to hang out, have fun, and hear upcoming activities! $5 wristbands get access to a variety of children’s activities throughout the market on this night.

Saturday 12th 9-11am Cut Flowers from the Farm, MCC Continuing Ed class at Livengood Farms LLC. $29.00 (You must sign up for this class through MCC continuing education ) At this class you will see Livengood Farms production process from seeds to harvesting and get the opportunity to ask Nancy production questions. After the tour you will be able to make a design with flowers from the farm to take home and additional flowers will be available for purchase.

Wednesday 16th 12-1 Lunch with the Masters, Master Gardener general meeting at Carleen Bright Arboretum, everyone welcome! Scandals in the Garden by: Master Gardener Pat Goaley

Thursday 17th 6pm start time HOT UGC Potluck! Join us as we hand out member packets and draw for prizes from events leading up to this time. We are still working on details, but we want to make this a great event where we begin to form committees and focus groups relating to all of the garden/urban food/local work happening around us. (You do not need to be a member to attend.) Check out the event site on facebook:

Saturday 19th 9am-1pm: Waco Downtown Farmers MarketWe are looking to re-open our UGC booth! We will have shirts, manuals, and other miscellaneous items as our garden grows. We are currently committing to the 3rd Saturdays of each month but hope to see support soon that will allow us more of a market presence.


Tomorrow, Tomorrow, a Potluck, Tomorrow!


Hey all,

Tomorrow (Thursday, June 19th) is the day we all celebrate the fantastic urban gardening and local foods initiatives that are happening all over Waco and the surrounding communities! Come share some delicious local fare with the folks at the Urban Gardening Coalition! We will meet at Lovers Leap in Cameron Park starting at 6p.m.! This is our favorite UGC event of the year! Come by, bring a dish, dessert, or drink and share some stories from your garden this spring.