UGC Garden Beds at Calvary Baptist Community Garden

As of Friday Dec 2, 2016 the UGC garden has been prepared and planted!  Albeit about 3 months late, but planted nonetheless.
Big thanks to Ashley Stevens who helped dig out thousands of weeds from the overrun plots.  Katie came out and helped fight a mighty battle against Johnson grass on a Saturday workday.  Amy, a Calvary Baptist Church member, helped dig out weeds on several occasions.
Plot 1 – Avalanche Beets – direct seeded 2 rows.  They are up about 2 inches. Really late planting.  Do they need freeze protection?
Plot 2 – Carrots – direct seeded 3 rows – Today I see that they are peeking through.  Do really young carrots need freeze protection?
Plot 3 – Transplanted 4 rows of Georgia collards.  They should be ok at 25 deg.
Plot 4 – Swiss Chard – direct seeded 3 rows.  They are still busy thinking about germinating.
Plot 5 – Transplanted 105 onions (10-15s).  Need to protect them or 3 months from now they will bolt.
Plot 6 – Green Star Leaf Lettuce – direct seeded 1 row.  They are up about 2 inches.  Do they need freeze protection?
What now?
We shift our focus to protection (TLC).  Immediate problem is determining which plants need help making it through the Wednesday night forecast of 25 deg.
Then the TLC that the little plants need is weeding.  In the plots as well as along the outside edges to discourage weeds from sneaking through the boards.
For those folks who did not get a chance to help dig out Johnson grass and Bermuda grass, now is the perfect time to help keep the enemy away from the little plants.  The art of hoeing will be taught at no charge.
See you in the garden!
Mary Lou15338755_10154971215575116_289747456815863332_n

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